RNLA Supports Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

The RNLA released a statement today strongly supporting the selection of Sen. Jeff Sessions as President-elect Trump's nominee for Attorney General

The Attorney General serves as the chief law enforcement official for the federal government, leads the Department of Justice, and represents the United States in important legal matters. It is vital that the Attorney General be both a talented administrator and an excellent lawyer with immense respect for the rule of law. 

Senator Sessions is uniquely qualified to serve as Attorney General. He has served as a U.S. Attorney, as Attorney General of Alabama, and as longtime Senator from Alabama. As Attorney General, Sen. Sessions will re-introduce commitment to the rule of law and equal application of the law to the Department of Justice, which has become highly politicized over the past eight years. His experience in the Senate and in state government gives him a deep understanding of federalism and the separation of powers. 

"Senator Jeff Sessions is a committed conservative, skilled lawyer, and proven leader who will be an outstanding Attorney General of the United States. To underscore President-elect Trump's comments, Senator Sessions has a 'world-class legal mind.' He upholds the Constitution and will faithfully and fairly enforce our laws and ensure a fair and even-handed administration of justice," said Kimberly Reed, Co-Chair of RNLA. 

We applaud President-elect Trump for his excellent selection and look forward to the Department of Justice being led by Attorney General Sessions.