RNLA Thanks Chairman Grassley for His Continued Leadership

Senator and Judiciary Chairman Charles “Chuck” Grassley is a man of his word and a true Senate Leader.  He has not only kept to his promise of no hearing or votes until after the people speak this November regarding the current vacancy on the Supreme Court, he has also shown integrity in the face of partisan attacks and other pressure.  RNLA formerly thanks him in a letter available here

Yesterday, Chairman Grassley met with Merrick Garland and as Senator Grassley tweeted:

Had pleasant bfast w Judge Garland this morning. Explained why the Senate won't be moving fwd w… https://t.co/yy3fJfGWio

— ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) April 12, 2016

This has been Senator Grassley’s model: be cordial and respectful while keeping to what others have said before.  For example, check out some of Chairman Grassley’s comments on the Biden Rule and the Obama Administration’s effort to ignore it:

“No matter how hard the White House tries to rewrite history, it can’t change then Chairman Biden’s remarks explaining how the President and Senate should handle a Supreme Court nomination arising during a heated presidential campaign. As Chairman Biden explained, the hyper-political environment is bad for the nominee, the court, and ultimately the nation.

The Vice President noted today that “the meaning and extent of your federal constitutional rights” are heard and decided by the Supreme Court.  He’s right.  And the American people should be provided an opportunity to weigh in on whether the court should move in a more liberal direction for a generation, dramatically impacting the rights and individual freedoms we cherish as Americans.”

Chairman Grassley steadfast leadership and depth of understanding of the issue was shown when he stood up to Chief Justice Robert’s criticism of the growing politicization of the Supreme Court:

"The chief justice has it exactly backwards," Grassley also said. "The confirmation process doesn't make the justices appear political. The confirmation process has gotten political precisely because the court itself has drifted from the constitutional text and rendered decisions based instead on policy preferences."

On behalf of the RNLA, thank you Chairman Grassley.