RNLA Thanks Speaker Boehner for His Leadership in the House of Representatives


RNLA thanks speaker Boehner for his years of service and leadership as Speaker.  Speaker Boehner addressed RNLA on numerous occasions, most recently last year when Mark Braden was named Republican Lawyer of the Year.

RNLA Chair Randy Evans thanked Speaker John Boehner for his service to the country and the Republican Party. "Having worked with Speaker Boehner, I can attest to how hard he worked and how dedicated he was to serving the country, the Congress and the House GOP Caucus."

RNLA President Larry Levy noted that "Speaker Boehner has had one of the toughest jobs in the world and he has constantly tried to move the country forward. We thank him for his service and offer him the best wishes for the future."


We wish the Speaker the best in his future endeavors.