RNLA Webinar: A Conversation with the Authors of "Rogue Prosecutors"

RNLA Webinar

A Conversation with the Authors of Rogue Prosecutors: How Radical Soros Lawyers Are Destroying America's Communities


Zack Smith
Legal Fellow and Manager, Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy Program, Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation


Cully Stimson
Deputy Director, Edwin Meese III Center, Manager, National Security Law Program, and Senior Legal Fellow, Senior Advisor to the President at The Heritage Foundation


Friday, June 9th
2:00 p.m. ET


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Join RNLA for a special webinar on Friday, June 9, with The Heritage Foundation's Zack Smith and Cully Stimson to discuss their forthcoming book, Rogue Prosecutors: How Radical Soros Lawyers Are Destroying America's Communities.

Rogue Prosecutors explains the origins, beliefs, playbook, funding, and real-life consequences of the “progressive prosecutor” movement—a group of newly elected prosecutors, their allies, and backers that refuse to prosecute crimes, hold criminals accountable, and seek justice for victims. Told through true crime stories from eight different cities, the authors explore how a radical movement funded and conceived by George Soros—and ostensibly designed to “reverse engineer” the criminal justice system as we know it—has succeeded in replacing law and order prosecutors with pro-criminal, anti-victim zealots.

Weaving together extensive interviews with victims, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and judges, Rogue Prosecutors offers a searing portrait of the devastation caused by the policies of these hand-picked activists, how their hands-off approach to prosecution has encouraged lawlessness and eviscerated the relationship with law enforcement, and why minorities have suffered the most in cities with “progressive prosecutors.” In story after story, the authors underscore that justice and public safety require prosecutors to hold all criminals accountable, and that the best choice for district attorney is not necessarily based on partisan politics, but between those who believe in law and order and those who don’t.


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June 09, 2023 at 2:00pm - 2:30pm