Rules Committee Meets for Thoughtful Debate and Consideration of Rules

The Convention Rules Committee is meeting in anticipation of the Republican National Convention next week.  The 112-member Rules Committee is composed of one male and one female delegate from each state and territory.

This important Committee is led by the following RNLA members, among many other excellent Republican leaders:

  • David Asp - MN
  • Vincent DeVito - NY
  • Harmeet Dhillion - CA
  • Randy Evans - GA
  • Peter Feaman - FL
  • Richard Forsten - DE
  • Bob Kabel - DC
  • Anne Lewis - GA
  • William Palatucci - NJ
  • John Ryder - TN
  • J.L. Spray - NE
  • Mike Stuart - WV
  • Lawrence Tabas - PA
  • Harvey Tettlebaum - MO

We thank these RNLA members for their able leadership and dedication to ensuring the future of the Republican Party.

In contrast to the media hysteria regarding the Rules Committee in the preceding months, the debate has been conducted by the Committee members thoughtfully and respectfully.  In all the debates, the Committee members emphasized openness, transparency, the rule of law, and how to make the Republican Party and RNC responsive to the people.  In most cases, after careful consideration and debate, the members have decided not to make major changes to the rules.