Senator Cornyn Warns About "Most Dangerous" DOJ Nominee Ahead of Committee Vote

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to advance Vanita Gupta's nomination as associate attorney general to the full Senate next week. Hopefully some Senate Judiciary Democrats will reconsider their support.  As Senator John Cornyn points out, Gupta could be the Biden Administration's "most dangerous" nominee to the Department of Justice:

"I still am very concerned about Ms. Gupta's nomination," Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said, citing her responses to the committee's questions. "She has avoided answering questions, or as in the case of her testimony here in front of the committee, she's completely, 180 degrees -- taken a 180-degrees position different from what she has on a previous occasion as recently as last summer when we had her before the committee [to] testify on police reform."

Cornyn accused Gupta of undergoing a "confirmation conversion" and saying what she believes she has to in order to get confirmed.

"So I remain very concerned about this nominee, I think she has the potential of being the most dangerous nominee to the Department of Justice; one that needs to shun politics and ideology in favor of enforcement of the rule of law on an evenhanded basis."

The controversies surrounding Gupta are plenty as RNLA previously highlighted here and here.

This week, the controversy focussed on Gupta's connections to a company that produces a key ingredient in heroin, her connections to Big Tech, and her hypocrisy on the minimum wage.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Gupta's nomination next Thursday.