Senate Democrats Prioritize Their Own Reelection in First Bill

Under the guise of "democracy reform," Senate Democrats have drafted their first bill this congress to drastically alter the nation's election laws.

The legislation (S. 1 or "For the People Act") is overtly political and only benefits liberals at the ballot box. This clearly underscores that Democrats' top legislative priority is their own reelections — not the American people.

Measures in this bill include national automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration. It would mandate at least 15 days of early in-person voting, “no excuse” mail-in voting, and allow for felons to vote.

The Federal Election Commission would be reconfigured from six members to five — meaning one political party would be in charge of the body by default. S. 1 would further expand taxpayer-funded campaign financing for federal candidates by giving congressional candidates $6 of dollars for every $1 raised from donations. 

None of these changes would improve our democracy. It would have the opposite effect by weakening the safeguards currently in place which help protect election integrity. 

Leader Mitch McConnell attacked this bill as “socialist” in 2019 and blocked its consideration in the Senate. Thankfully, Senate Republicans will once again have the opportunity to prohibit its passage and truly protect our nation's democracy.