Senator Nelson Shows His True Feelings after Bowing to Extremist Pressure

The Democrats have become totally beholden to extremist elements in their own party.  Never has that been more clear than on their recent vote on the confirmation of their colleague Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General.  All Democrats--except Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia--voted against him.  Yet, many Democrat Senators can be seen applauding Sessions' confirmation as Attorney General. 

Foremost of those applauding is Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.  Nelson is seen with long, apparently heartfelt applause for Senator Sessions, the man he just voted against confirming as Attorney General.  Senator Nelson is a case study of who is currently running the Democrat Party.


When the idea of Sessions as Attorney General was first floated, Senator Nelson stated, as quoted in an article entitled “Bill Nelson speaks highly of Attorney General prospect Jeff Sessions”:

“I can tell you I’ve worked with Jeff Sessions on a number of pieces of legislation … and we always got along. And we worked out, in a bipartisan way, whatever the issues were at the time.

“I think he’s a reasonable person,” Nelson added.

Then came the protests by extremists:

Wednesday morning (1/4) in Tampa, a group of activists spoke with officials in Sen. Bill Nelson‘s district office, calling on him at the very least to call for a delay a vote on Sessions’ confirmation, scheduled for January 10. Outside, a couple of dozen more concerned citizens held signs and spoke to reporters about their opposition to the Alabama Republican.

“We think that over the course of his career, Sen. Sessions used the power of the courts to discriminate against civil rights leaders, allegedly using racially charged language to disparage minorities, expressed support for the KKK and then tried to dismiss it as a joke,” said Toni Van Pelt, the president of the Pinellas County-based Institute for Science and Human Values.  . . .

“We can’t start normalizing this sexist bigotry, this racism, and this is the place where you draw the line, and you fight back and you hope the senator will hear that message and understand that there’s an awful lot of us who have his back if he’s willing to fight as hard he’s needed to,” [Nadine] Smith [head of Equality Florida] said.

As Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley’s office said at the time explained in response:

The notion that Sen. Sessions — somebody who committee members have known and served beside for 20 years — hasn’t made a good-faith effort to supply the committee with responsive material is preposterous,” said a spokeswoman for Grassley. “It’s been clear from the day Senator Sessions’ nomination was announced that the left-wing advocacy groups aren’t interested in a fair process and just want a fight. We trust the minority committee members will have the courage to give Senator Sessions the fair and respectful process he deserves.” (emphasis added.) 

So, it seems that Senator Nelson ignored his personal history and did not have the courage to stand up to the activists, seemingly agreeing with their argument that Sessions is a sexist bigot. 


Yet there was Senator Nelson cheerfully clapping for over 30 seconds (he is seen above the word "yea" clapping from the 18 second mark until 51 second mark) for Attorney General Sessions.  It looks like Senator Nelson knows that Jeff Sessions will make a fine Attorney General but surrendered his own judgment in response to the attacks from liberal extremists.  This is not worthy of a Senator.