Senator Susan Collins Deserves Our Thanks

Senator Susan Collins is a force to be reckoned with in Washington, DC.

She is both a champion for Republican values and a strong independent voice in today’s world of extreme partisanship. She is uniquely admired and respected by her colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

Senator Collins has dedicated her life to public service. From starting out as a congressional staffer to serving as Director of the Small Business Administration’s regional office under President Bush to running for the US Senate in Maine – she has been an advocate for sound policies that positively impact our nation’s economy, education system, and courts.

Recently, Senator Collins persevered against all forms of harassment by standing firm in her decision to support Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. She delivered an extraordinary speech on the Senate floor, carefully analyzing Judge Kavanaugh’s record and criticizing the efforts to smear his character.

Senator Collins and her staff endured some of the most hateful attacks from far-left organizations, but she stood strong and evaluated Judge Kavanaugh as she evaluates all judicial nominees: by seriously considering his record.

Senator Susan Collins deserves our appreciation for her resilience and commitment to championing the principles that strengthen our nation no matter the pressure, no matter the party.

A few seats are still available to hear Senator Collins speak at the RNLA's DC Lunch this Monday, September 9, at noon.