Sessions for AG: "Man of Tremendous Experience and Principle"

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell wrote today that Sen. Jeff Sessions "is a man of tremendous experience and principle" who will make an excellent Attorney General:

As a former US Attorney, state Attorney General and a longtime member of the Senate, where he has served as a leader on the Judiciary Committee, [Sen. Jeff Sessions] is one of the most qualified AG nominees I’ve witnessed. Sessions has a terrific record of following the law and as a prosecutor, Sessions successfully put away drug and violent felons, as well as white collar criminals and corrupt politicians. . . . 

Sessions has always been a man of character and integrity who has fought for equal justice for all, which is why he has received support from politically and racially diverse voices. . . . 

We know Sessions will bring these principles to his role as attorney general.  He will stand up to the special interests and not allow the Justice Department to be used as a political tool of anyone – as has been the case for the past eight years. 

Sessions has worked with people across the aisle and has battled his own party, when he thought necessary. He will ensure that the department stands up for consumers and taxpayers when required, but will also not allow the agency to pursue overzealous anti-business policies that deter entrepreneurship, investment and innovation. 

The Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions will fight to keep our streets safe, will apply equal justice for all and most importantly fight to defend our constitutional principles.

Despite the continuous politically motivated attacks against Sen. Sessions' character and life of public service, he continues to receive strong endorsements from those who know him well and have studied his record.