Smooth Sailing in Virginia in First Election with New Photo ID Law

Yesterday, Virginia saw its first election with the newly enacted Photo ID requirements implemented as a result of legislation passed in 2013. A Special Town Election held in Farmville in Central Virginia was administered with the Photo ID requirements and we are hearing it went quite smoothly. Virginia State Board of Elections Chairman Charlie Judd was on hand to observe the first election under the new law and commented that things went smoothly and that “voters were aware and came prepared.” Judd described the conduct of the election as “flawless” and even got to see a voter apply for and receive a free photo ID on the spot in the General Registrar’s office. So much for the liberal alarmist claims of disenfranchisement and voter suppression.

While this town election was a small test, Virginia passed it with flying colors. This is a promising sign as we look towards statewide implementation of the law this November. The opponents of Virginia’s commonsense photo ID law, including the Washington Post editorial board who recently lambasted Virginia Republicans for the law, would no doubt have liked to see widespread chaos and dozens of voters showing up ID-less. As we have seen in other states where photo ID laws have been rolled out, they will be disappointed this November when voters arrive prepared for the law change with the added confidence that the election is being run with integrity.

(Due to a technicality, some special elections yesterday in Virginia took place under the non-ID laws.)