Some Poetic Justice in the Fight Against Vote Fraud

Mayor Don Cravins of Opelousas, Louisiana famously bragged that you should vote twice for Senator Landrieu and if you did you did no one was going to persecute you. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to what Mayor Cravins said, vote fraud is rarely prosecuted.  

Senator Landrieu lost by a huge margin to Senator Cassidy, outside of any margin of fraud.  No one is going to look into the problems of the election because in the case of Senator Cassidy it would be the equivalent of running up the score. 


However, someone did pay a price for the vote fraud of the past and present.  That is Mayor Cravins. Cravins won his election by 10% in 2010 and lost by 10% in 2014.  While we don’t know the details of his race, we hope the people of Opelousas rejected the Mayor in part because of his call for vote fraud. 


Too often vote fraud and vote fraud deniers get rewarded.  But with the withdrawal of the nomination of Myrna Perez to the Election Assistance Commission and the defeat of Mayor Cravins the most public advocates of vote fraud are taking some hits.