Steele to speak with U.S. Officials: The Clock is Ticking for Democrats

Christopher Steele, author of the infamous Steele dossier alleging collusion between Trump and Russia, has agreed to speak with U.S. officials about his relationship with the FBI. According to The Hill:

"Republicans have long alleged it was Steele’s dossier that improperly led to an FBI inquiry, which ultimately morphed into special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible coordination between the Trump and campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog is investigating aspects of the Mueller probe, including whether officials abused their power when they ordered surveillance of a former campaign aide partially based on information from Steele’s dossier."


Retired CIA operative and counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd predicts things are going to get "ugly" when Attorney General Bill Barr finds out how the probe was started.

"I'm going to predict to you that that is going to go ugly early. In other words, the Democrats have a clock ticking. If they can't get things underway before the Department of Justice says here's our report on how the investigation was initiated.

They're in trouble because the Department of Justice is going to say when this thing got started about the Trump campaign. It will be pretty ugly and then we're off the to races. The White House will have some real ammo."

Mudd said Steele is going to have a difficult time validating the dossier, because he doesn't have other sources to corroborate his story.

"Let me give you one term from the intelligence business: validation.

I'm going to bet a paycheck when Steele gets in front of investigators and they say, how can you confirm to us that the information you acquired in that dossier is true, that he is not going to be able to answer whether he had a second or third source."

Americans are ready to learn the truth behind one of the biggest scandals of our time that led to two years of false allegations against our President. As Steele is questioned by U.S. officials, we can only hope that those names behind the scandal are brought to light and duly held accountable.