Senator Dan Sullivan Pushes Back Against Biden

It is no secret that the Biden Administration has made it increasingly difficult for American energy.  Gas prices are at an all-time high, yet the President continues to instigate further turmoil for Americans.  Back in March, the New York Post highlighted the Administration’s flawed energy policies and how they’re hurting Americans, stating:

If President Joe Biden came out forcefully on the side of increasing US oil production, the price of a barrel could fall quickly.

Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska has been on the frontlines defending American energy independence, consistently urging the President to reform his administration’s policies: 

The Department of the Interior… announced that they were taking half of the National Petroleum Reserve set aside by Congress for oil and gas drilling in my state off the table… that is not focused on increasing supply.

As the energy crisis continues to worsen, Senator Sullivan has not been shy to stand up for his state and call out the President for his disastrous policies:

Their goal continues to be to shut down energy production and still make it hard as heck to produce and build energy infrastructure… [These policies] kill the production of American energy.

To make matters worse, the Biden Administration continues to hamstring American energy through executive orders and bureaucratic regulations, such as banning new offshore drilling last week.  The President has utilized his administration as a sword against the American people, enforcing poor policies that hurt American energy, the economy, and those who can’t afford to pay more for gas and utilities.  Senator Sullivan commented further on the matter:

Cook Inlet Basin - that’s the other prolific oil and gas field in Alaska - at the last minute, the Biden Administration canceled the lease sale. That’s exactly the opposite of getting supply on the market. Mr. President, your job under the US Constitution is to faithfully execute the law. The law says to lease it.

As Biden has continued to create bad policy for Americans through executive order, Senator Sullivan has fought for Americans.  In June, Senator Sullivan introduced a bill that would:

Close glaring loopholes in federal law that the Biden administration has exploited to diminish the constitutional role of Congress in serving as a check against the power of the President… Our country’s system of government, guided by the Constitution, was founded on the basic principle that no one branch of government should ever accumulate too much power. For this very reason, we have a system of checks and balances set up… which is why I am introducing legislation to close these loopholes and ensure no President can ever again abuse the limited authority granted them by the Constitution of the United States.

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