Taxation Without Representation as a Way to Justify Vote Fraud

A Tennessee man for years has been voting in multiple states for years and was convicted.  Pasco Parker has a reason for voting in three states:

He declined to speak on camera, but said he voted in three states because he wanted to elect local leaders in each. He felt he should be able to vote where he owns property and pays taxes.”

Mr Parker’s attitude is not unique and has been present in the highest level of Democrat politics.  For example, this is not the first time we at the Republican Lawyer have heard this reason. No less than Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro, former Democrat nominee for Vice President, gave the same reason in 2006 when voting in Saltaire, New York and Manhattan.  She said to not be allowed to vote both places would be like “taxation without representation.”


The biggest difference between Mr. Parker and Ms. Ferraro was Parker was actually prosecuted.  Mr. Parker is a rarity not because he voted in multiple states but because he was prosecuted for it.