RNLA Thanks Former FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter for Her Service

Earlier today, the RNLA issued a press release thanking Caroline Hunter for her service as a Federal Election Commissioner. Ms. Hunter, a George W. Bush-appointee, resigned earlier this month after 12 years of service.

In her resignation letter to President Trump, Hunter reflected on her time as FEC Commissioner:

My record at the FEC reflects my strong commitment to the oath I swore upon taking office, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. As Commissioner, I fought to protect Americans’ First Amendment rights to free speech and association, and to administer the laws as written by Congress and interpreted by the courts, rather than as some wished them to be. I fought against unnecessary government regulations and unfair enforcement actions; to promote transparency and consistency in the FEC’s operations; and to ensure due process in its dealings with the American people. These battles were often hard won, and I am proud of our many accomplishments.

On Ms. Hunter's time as FEC Commissioner, RNLA President David Warrington said:

Throughout her service at the FEC, Caroline demonstrated her commitment to public service, to protecting the First Amendment rights of all Americans, and to ensuring due process and fair procedures for everyone who is regulated by the FEC. She refused to bow to political pressure, even when she was the sole voice standing up for the rule of law as the only Republican on the Commission.

Member of the RNLA Board of Governors and former FEC Chairman Lee Goodman noted, “Caroline was a stalwart defender of the First Amendment for citizens and limited government. She served long and well and left a lasting imprint on the agency.”

Matt Peterson, also a member of the RNLA Board of Governors and a former FEC Chairman, weighed in:

For 11 years, I had the privilege of serving alongside Caroline at the FEC. Not only was Caroline an esteemed colleague, she was also a valued friend. As she departs the Commission, Caroline will leave behind a legacy of principled decision-making, keen judgment, and a commitment to the rule of law. Those characteristics will serve her well in the next chapter of her career, and I wish her all the best.

The RNLA applauds Ms. Hunter for her faithful service on the Federal Elections Commission and for her commitment to Constitutional values.