The Dead Walk to the Voting Booths in California

Last week we shared a blog post surrounding the ongoing zombie voting apocalypse that was recently uncovered in California. Since that time, many tough questions have been asked.  Questions like: How did they not see this coming? How is this happening? Isn’t the government supposed to ensure election integrity? And most importantly, how can we stop it?

The fact of the matter is this is scary time we live in, but there are some simple answers to the panicked questions currently crawling out of California. First off, dead voters are not a rarity, and disappointingly enough, California is far from the first state to have the problem. Despite the shock and utter disbelief that followed the report, a quick Google™ search will yield all sorts of deceased voting activity. Activity that for one reason or another usually goes unaddressed. Vote fraud exists in many different forms in this country and sadly, this is not new information. Voter ID laws have started to address the in-person process but much work remains to be done in order to protect the integrity of our elections. That being stated onto the questions.


How did they not see this coming? / How is this happening?

A: It’s an excellent question and one that even the California Secretary of State and Auditor addressed publically.  The sheer level of dysfunction and mismanagement of funds in California dedicated to HAVA is just astounding. I highly recommend you take a moment and read the report. Page 39 references a previous audit which further illustrates the sheer magnitude and perpetual nature of the problem in the state. Now you may be asking what exactly does HAVA have to do with the zombie voting apocalypse? Well, HAVA, among many other things, provides the state with funds to ensure that their voter registration rolls are current and much like everything else in the world when money designated for a particular purpose is needlessly wasted or carelessly mismanaged, the system begins to break down. Pieces of the process start to fall through the cracks making fraud a far more likely and distinct possibility. In this case, dead voters are not being removed from rolls and somehow, these deceased individuals are continuing to vote.


Isn’t the government supposed to ensure election integrity? / How can we stop it?

A: Absolutely. California’s HAVA budget has been a catastrophe almost since the program’s inception. In a world where liberals and the left consistently raise voter disenfranchisement as one of their main concerns we have legitimate voters being disenfranchised by the dead with literally no consequences.  In all seriousness, this is a failure at the most basic level of election administration and we must demand accountability. If we continue to allow such a complete and utter disregard for the integrity of our elections, than a precedent will be set and much like the way a zombie infection spreads in the movies, so too will fraud continue to spread through our elections.


Vote fraud is alive and well. We have much work to do to ensure that our elections are and continue to be both honest and fair.