The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats on Election Administration

Just like President Obama’s nomination of the completely unqualified Matthew Butler to the Federal Election Assistance Commission, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe recently nominated Matthew Gray to the Virginia Board of Elections. 

Matthew Gray was nominated by the Governor despite having no experience that we know of in Election Administration.  He is currently working for the Humane Society. 


While Butler “earned” his nomination for years of hatred of the right as CEO of Media Matters, Gary seemly “earned” his nomination by being a Democrat who once supported John McCain in 2008.  The later allowed the former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe with a straight face to nominate the Democrat primary voter Gray to the REPUBLICAN position on the Virginia Board of Elections.  (Virginia does not have party ID to vote and both parties generally identify their members by primary voting.) 


This is just the latest example of the efforts of Democrats and the left to further politicize elections by appointing unqualified hacks to administer elections.


According to a story we will not link in the Washington Post, Gary withdrew his name under pressure from Republicans.  If Democrats truly cared about election administration, it should have been pressure from all those who care about open, fair and honest elections.