The Left Continues to Reward Vote Fraud

Al Sharpton committed vote fraud back in his first days in politics and is now the leading vote fraud denier.   One of the pair of New Black Panther Party members who was waving a Billy-club and intimating voters was not only spared prosecution at the last minute by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, he was rewarded by being elected a local Democrat Party Official.  Melowese Richardson who was convicted of vote fraud was never the less given an ovation as a hero at a liberal political rally

Now four Pennsylvania Democrat lawmakers who allegedly took bribes in exchange for opposing voter ID are not being prosecuted, insteadDemocrats are rallying to the defense of the Attorney General who spared them.


This morning, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee held a hearing on the case of the Democrats caught accepting bribes in exchange for voting against voter ID in the state. The case against the Democrats is well-documented, yet Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, scuttled it shortly after she took office. Kane also accused the career investigators who built the case of racism.


That charge doesn’t stand up to any level of scrutiny. The investigation targeted Republicans and Democrats, male and female, black and white. As it so happens, only Democrats chose to accept the bribes, and those members who did happen to be black.


Today’s hearing included PJM’s J. Christian Adams and other witnesses. As Adams and the other witnesses were about to testify on Kane’s “corrosive effect on election integrity,” the Democrats on the committee attempted to adjourn, to prevent Adams from speaking. That motion to adjourn failed. Then a Democrat (apparently state Rep. Michael O’Brien) attempted to make a point of personal privilege to block Adams’ testimony from being heard. That was ruled out of order. The Democrats persisted.


. . . All of the Democrats on the committee got up and stormed out of the room.


In fairness there are some Democrats, including African American Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who disagree with the Pennsylvania Attorney General on this matter.  But it seems like most elected Pennsylvania Democrats would rather support and reward those who oppose fair and honest elections, then have integrity in the election process.