The Left's Poor History on Election Commissions

The left and their allies in the media regularly deny the existence of vote fraud and call any effort to investigate the problem “racist.”  They are even calling President’s Trump upcoming commission invalid or a waste of time.  

I guess they are at least being consistent this time and maybe even more honest.  Usually they wait until after they agree with a bipartisan commission's recommendations to start calling things racist. 

Let’s take the last national commission on voting, President Obama's Presidential Commission on Election Administration.  This commission was led by Mitt Romney’s campaign lawyer Ben Ginsberg and President Obama’s campaign lawyer Bob Bauer.  As RNLA Board Member Joanne Young addresses in her article entitled: “Why Trump’s Call to Investigate Vote Fraud Is Valid:”

The irony was that at the same time Obama’s lawyer, Bob Bauer, was leading the bipartisan commission, his own firm was suing the state of Virginia, calling the efforts to clean up voter rolls racist and purging.

It goes further. Obama nominated Myrna Perez to be on the Election Assistance Commission. Perez was an adamant opponent of voter list maintenance, declaring such efforts “purging.”

This is why it’s tough to even talk about vote fraud. Any efforts, even those with bipartisan support, are bitterly opposed by liberal activists.  It also happen to the voting commission before that:

A primary recommendation of the 2005 bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform (the “Carter-Baker Commission”) was to require voter ID. This commission was led by Jimmy Carter, former president and noted liberal, and James Baker, secretary of state under President George H.W. Bush.

Yet, liberals oppose any efforts to enact commonsense voter ID laws, opposing them in legislatures and in the courts. Voter ID laws, which protect the integrity of the vote and thus our democracy for all citizens, are called racist and mechanisms of voter suppression.

Republicans are dedicated to improving our election process and President Trump deserves credit for the commission on vote fraud.  Democrats will likely object to the commission even if the Democrat members of the commission agree.  Hopefully the Trump Commission's recommendations will be taken seriously regardless of the reaction of those on the left who always disagree.