The Left Seeks to Expand Supreme Court Rather than Keep Nine Justices

The true colors of President Biden, who refused to say where he stood on court-packing during campaign season, are beginning to shine through with the rollout of the administration's new Commission of Supreme Court Reform. What exactly will the commission do? While the answer isn't entirely clear, it's another signal that Democrats are setting the stage to expand the Supreme Court by all means necessary. 

The commission, which is allegedly bipartisan, has already had many of its members selected, including Yale Law School professor Cristina Rodríguez, former president of the American Constitution Society Caroline Fredrickson, and Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith. President Biden committed to forming the commission during his presidential run to propose new reforms to the Supreme Court but dodged questions as to whether the commission would be used as a vehicle to expand the Supreme Court. 

Republicans, on the other hand, are actively taking steps to prevent Democrats' expansion of the Supreme Court, both by protecting the legislative filibuster by introducing viable constitutional amendments to fix the number of Supreme Court Justices at Nine. 

Last March, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced a constitutional amendment that caps the number of Supreme Court Justices at nine while also giving Congress the power to lower that number in the future.  Sen. Rubio reintroduced Senate Joint Resolution 14 this week, which has the support of over 20 other senators. 

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced Senate Joint Resolution 76 last September, a truly bipartisan amendment which consists of only 13 words: "The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine Justices." The Resolution has rallied the support of 15 other Senators and 49 Representatives as well as numerous former and current state Attorneys General on both sides of the aisle.

Known as the Keep Nine Amendment, it has gained a lot of momentum from Republicans and Democrats alike, and if passed, it would be the most effective means of thwarting future attempts by Democrats to expand the Supreme Court. That is, of course, if Democrats don't censor it.  

Keep Nine, a bipartisan organization formed alongside the amendment that advocates for an independent Supreme Court, has been gathering the support of former state Attorneys General and elected officials from both major American political parties to combat Democrats' efforts. However, Google arbitrarily suspended all of Keep Nine's ads because of a “Sensitive Event” surrounding the election. What was that event? Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Apparently, Google believes bipartisan support for the constitutional amendment is insensitive when the reality is that a majority of Americans want to make sure the Supreme Court remains independent to protect the checks and balances of our country. 

Keep Nine responded to its ads being suspended: 

“This is beyond absurd. Keep Nine is and always has been an organization dedicated to bringing Americans together over an issue that we believe should concern Americans of all persuasions. The fact Google would feel the need to take down our ads on the grounds that it might somehow be insensitive to the inauguration is both arbitrary and downright bizarre. Moreover, it couldn’t be more ironic given that President Biden’s core message in his address was the need for more unity. Since Google can’t be relied upon to help us reach concerned Americans, we’re asking those same Americans to help spread our message. ”

In a statement to the RNLA, Roman Buhler, the Director of Keep Nine, provided context for how Democrats plan to expand the Supreme Court. 

"What Conservatives have yet to focus on is that the left has a brand new strategy. In the old days, Democrats would wait to get 60 votes in the Senate. But now they're aiming to pack the Senate by adding new states to then pack the court."

A Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution is the final safeguard to stopping the left from using the courts to protect their radical agenda.  If the Democrats were to eventually gain a comfortable enough majority in the Senate, an amendment is the only thing that is going to stop them from packing the court.