The Left's Voter ID Hypocrisy

On Wednesday, our nation's capital became the latest Democrat-run city to adopt a stringent vaccine mandate. The Washington Post reported:

People 12 and older will be required to show proof of coronavirus vaccination to enter many businesses in D.C., including restaurants, starting in mid-January under rules that Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) announced on Wednesday.

The change comes two days after Bowser announced a host of new restrictions to curb record-setting numbers of daily coronavirus cases that have made D.C.'s new daily case rate higher than that of any state in the nation this week.

After reinstating an indoor mask mandate, announcing a forthcoming vaccine requirement for government workers without a test-out option, and introducing at-home rapid antigen tests for residents, Bowser’s latest measure will require thousands of businesses to check that patrons are vaccinated.

As Senator Tom Cotton and Congressman Andy Biggs pointed out, vaccine mandates typically require people wishing to enter certain businesses to present a photo ID in addition to their vaccine card.

Democrats are notorious for labeling Republican lawmakers who promote commonsense voter ID laws as racists due to unsubstantiated (and frankly, racist) claims that Black Americans and other minorities lack the ability to obtain a free government-issued photo ID. While nonsensical claims about states enacting racist voter ID laws are commonplace on the national news, anchors on CNN and MSNBC have been silent on the very real discriminatory impact these vaccine mandates have on minorities. Currently, over half of African-Americans in D.C. are unvaccinated. These D.C. residents will essentially be excluded from society once the mandate is implemented.

The D.C. mandate is also being implemented at a time when crime rates have risen dramatically in the city, but, naturally, not as much attention is being given to that issue by the Left.

D.C.'s vaccine mandate is peak Leftist hypocrisy. Democrats like Mayor Bowser are using COVID-19 to enact draconian measures, typically enforced by photo ID, while ignoring the negative effects that these mandates will have on the everyday lives of minorities who live and work in their cities. To make matters worse, all of this is taking place during a crime epidemic that is only worsening by the day.