The Media Attempts to Smear Justice Thomas... Again

The media just attempted to smear Justice Thomas again, but as is often the case, they came off as bluntly racist instead. In an article written about Rep. Jim Clyburn's influence on President Joe Biden's pick to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court, reporters Cleve R. Wootson Jr. and Marianna Sotomayor wrote (emphasis added):

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), a friend and ally of Clyburn's for over 30 years, said even Clyburn's critics respect his political instincts and his connection with a valuable but often disappointed subset of Democratic voters.

"Nobody that I'm aware of feels that opposing Clyburn's nomination would be the wise thing to do," he said. "If you know that a person has been vetted by Jim Clyburn, you know that person won't go to the court and end up being a Clarence Thomas," referring to the Black justice whose rulings often resemble the thinking of White conservatives.

That's right, reporters in 2022 are insinuating that Justice Thomas' rulings are somehow too "White" for a Black Justice. Really? 

There are so many layers as to why the "news" article's assertion against Justice Thomas was insulting:

[T]o say that Thomas’ work “resembles” that of “White conservatives” carries the inference that Thomas’ work is not just subordinate to but also derivative of white thinkers. Again, this is outrageous. Thomas’ rulings “resemble” nobody else’s. Thomas writes in distinctive prose with forceful logic and rigorous scholarship, creating a style that is readily identifiable for clarity and its rare combination of intellectual thoroughness with succinctness.

This is all par for the course from leftist self-styled elites. For them, race is a defining characteristic, and minorities who do not think according to the Left’s assumptions about how they should think are assumed to be doing the white man’s bidding. These assumptions are pervasive in establishment media and academia, but they should be offensive to blacks and whites alike. They are assumptions that subsume individuality to race. In sum, they are, by the appropriate definition, textbook “racism.”

But the article was especially insulting in light of the Left's obsession with the race of the next Supreme Court Justice:

It is insulting that The Washington Post and so many others, such as President Joe Biden who significantly reduced his search for a qualified SCOTUS nominee based on racist and sexist standards, think it is acceptable to define the intelligence, honesty, or patriotism of someone, especially a Supreme Court justice, by his skin color.

WaPo’s attempt to insult Thomas not only exposes the corporate media outlet’s hatred for what it deems to be “white conservative” politics but claims that anyone who earns the respect of conservatives through hard and admirable work must somehow be of the same disgusting breed.

Justice Thomas has faced smears from the Left because of his race since he was nominated 30 years ago. 

The Washington Post has issued a "clarification" and removed the offending sentence. As we detailed earlier this week, the Left thinks they can just "apologize" to make their offense go away just like then-Senator Joe Biden did 30 years ago after knowingly lying about Justice Thomas' character during his confirmation hearing.

This will likely not the be last time Justice Thomas is smeared for being a Black conservative.