The next target for the Democrats? Freedom of Speech.

The NY Times released a transcript of the Democratic debate that took place on February 4, 2016. The debate took place in a vivid dream world where priorities, reason, and logic cease to exist and are replaced by individual desires, general disregard for the laws and judicial system of our country, and a desire to place limitations on our freedom of speech. It is a world where hopeful democratic politicians believe that being president would grant them the right to throw Supreme Court decisions out the window and threaten our most fundamental of rights. The level of absurdity was ample, depressing, and quite frankly terrifying.

MODERATOR: So there are three big lifts that you’ve talked about: immigration, gun reform, climate change. What do you do first? Because you know the first one is the one you have the best shot at getting done.

[. . . ]
... I am absolutely supportive of comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship for 11 million people today who are living in the shadows. All right? We got to do that.
But you miss — when you looked at the issues, you missed two of the most important. And that is you’re not going to accomplish what has to be done for working families and the middle class unless there is campaign finance reform.
No nominee of mine, if I’m elected president, to the United States Supreme Court will get that nomination unless he or she is loud and clear, and says they will vote to overturn Citizens United.

Thus, according to Sen. Sanders, one of the most important problems facing our country and one of the first things he would do as president is overturn Citizens United v. FEC. With all due respect Sen. Sanders, it does not work that way. I wonder where he got that idea. Perhaps, it was through watching the actions of our current administration.

Sen. Sanders' sheer level of disconnect from the actual problems facing this country is almost unfathomable. Poll after poll, citizens point to general economic/employment concerns, immigration, terrorism, and the federal budget/deficit as the most important problems for the United States. 

Overturning Citizens United would have a drastic effect on our First Amendment rights, as without it, books could be banned in the United States.  Our freedom of speech is under attack and overturning Citizens United is merely the first shot.  If this is the type of issue that is the top priority for a potential Sanders administration, I shudder to think of what other fundamental rights would come under fire if he became President.