The November Races in Virginia Are Tightening...

Virginia features the only race for Attorney General this year, as well as important contests for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.  This year, we need your help to ensure fair, open, and honest elections.

Two of the last three elections for Attorney General have gone to a recount. In 2005, we narrowly won; and in 2013, we narrowly lost.  This year, the polls in the statewide race are neck and neck.

Despite strong headwinds, our candidates have closed the gap, but we need help to ensure a fair election and to be prepared for a recount in one or more of the three statewide races. There are also many important races for Virginia's General Assembly where the Democrats are contesting more Republican-held seats than they have since Republicans secured their first post-Reconstruction majorities in the late 1990's.

Below is a list of statewide polls which show how close this race really is:

Statewide Polls
Gillespie 41%; Northam 47%
Vogel 42%; Fairfax 46%
Adams 42%; Herring 47%
September 21 Fox News (Margin +/-4)
Gillespie 38%; Northam 42%
Gillespie 42%; Northam 42%
General Assembly Contests 

The RNLA is committed to ensuring that elections in Virginia remain open, fair and honest.  There will be a series of CLE trainings throughout the state, starting with a two-hour training in Washington, D.C. tonight.  For more information, or to RSVP, click here.

-Chris Marston, RNLA Virginia Chapter Chair