The Real Criminals are the Vote Fraud Deniers

Once again, the chicken little vote fraud deniers went crazy in advance of New Hampshire's primary yesterday.  As this article full of misinformationdetails on the reaction on the left on having to show ID:

Joan Flood Ashwell of the New Hampshire League of Women Voters: 
“It’s saying to voters, ‘We suspect you of being a criminal.’”
Despite overwhelming media presence for the primary, there were no reports of problems.  
However, the liberal article ignores the problem of vote fraud in New Hampshire.  This is not a Republican or conservative complaint but one stated by the Democrat Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, who personally witnessed vote fraud and is leading the fight against vote fraud for Voter ID:

"Well, I think the voter registration form that the legislature passed was an attempt to prevent voter fraud." 
The hyperbole of the left notwithstanding, vote fraud is a real problem and Voter ID is a solution.  And in New Hampshire, the fight has bipartisan support.