The Same Day Registration Lie

The lie is out.  Same Day Voter Registration is hopelessly corrupt and presents massive opportunities for fraud.  If there was ever any doubt it is erased by what is happening in the bluest of the blue states, Illinois.  Illinois’ Democrat Governor is very unpopular and losing a tight race with a Republican according to the polls.  Illinois Democrats knew this was going to be a tough election, so they planned in advance.

So what do Democrats do?  They created a way to cheat.  They passed “Same Day” registration to attempt to fraudulently make the difference in  a close race.  Now, some liberals may argue that Same Day Registration is the best system for voting.  Fine.  The facts disagree but what is more interesting is Illinois’ Democrats disagree.  They oppose Same Day Registration in all other elections EXCEPT this November.  That’s right; the Same Day Registration law Illinois passed did not apply to the primaries this year or any future Illinois elections!


Illinois Democrats know that Same Day Registration is ripe for someone to steal an election.  In November, it is Democrats who could use it to drag their unpopular Governor across the finish line.  But in the future it could be used in a Democrat primary against fellow Democrats.  (A similar reason is why Rhode Island Democrats passed voter ID; there is no threat from Republicans but there is a long history of fraud in the Democrat primaries.) 

This summer we missed this great quote on the topic from Chris Christie which we highlight now:


New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie today accused Gov. Pat Quinn and the state’s ruling Democrats of manipulating efforts to enhance their ticket, using techniques such as legalizing same-day registration on Election Day in an effort to boost turnout and blunt a GOP challenge from Bruce Rauner.


Christie, the head of the Republican Governors Association, said that he has been “reading about the race in Illinois every day” and said the manipulations of Democrats here would “make New Jersey blush.”


. . . “Same day registration all of sudden, this year comes to Illinois. Shocking. It’s shocking. I’m sure it was all based on public policy, good public policy to get same day registration here in Illinois just this year when the governor is in the toilet and needs as much help as he can get,” Christie said.



Christie’s sarcasm is obvious.  Unfortunately to many reporting this story, the motives of the Democrats are not.  It’s amazingly coincidental the Democratic-dominated legislature and Governor pushed Same Day Registration as a one-time only offering at the same time they were in endanger of losing the Governor’s mansion.  Same Day registration is hopelessly corrupt and Illinois Democrats know it and are trying to take advantage of it.