Time for Democrats to Accept Last November's Election Results

There are a lot of excuses STILL coming from the Democrats on losing the last election.  Last night President Trump had enough and responded. 


The Washington Post, no fan of President Trump, interviewed a couple of “experts” who agreed, at least in part:

“I think there’s a good degree of excellence that came out of the Trump  campaign,” [Jerri Anne] Henry said, “of understanding and tapping into a grass-roots audience.”

Silk agreed that it wasn’t just a good message from Trump’s team, but a much savvier sense of how to get that message out. . . .

I asked Henry and Silk to respond to Trump’s assertion about the greatness of his campaign in one sentence. 

“They took maximum advantage of the moment. They understood better than their opponent what the electorate was hungry for. They delivered messages through modern communication channels better than the entire Republican field and, ultimately, were successful in winning the presidency,” Silk said. “So, yeah. I think they ran a good campaign.”

From the considerable effort to undermine the election to the refusing to give credit, it is well past time for Democrats to accept and say two words: “President Trump.”