Top 10 News Items on the Supreme Court Vacancy Going Into July 4th

10.  President Trump will announce his decision on the evening of Monday, July 9th.

9.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will follow the “Kennedy Rule” and oppose any nominee. Senator Ted Kennedy gave an infamous speech condemning Judge Robert Bork as soon as he was announced.  The partisan attack helped lead to Bork’s defeat.  Kennedy gave a similar speech when Justice David Souter was nominated.  Justice Souter turned out to be a vote for the liberal wing of the court.  The Kennedy rule many Senate Democrats have lived by states regardless of the person’s record, if he is nominated by a Republican, he must be portrayed as an extremist that would bring back segregation, back-alley abortions, etc.

8.  CNN will report fake news.  CNN’s legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin has already lost it as Ari Fleischer points out:

7.  The Left’s attacks are not limited to unhinged insanity.  They also include Religious bigotry.

6.  And unbounded hypocrisy:

5.  President Trump is reportedly personally interviewing five finalists.  David Latt says four of those finalists are:

4.  The fifth person is a woman, as President Trump has stated two of the five potential nominees are women.  Possibilities include: Margaret Ryan, Joan Larsen, or Allison Eid.

3.   While much has been written about the qualifications of Judge Barrett and Judge Kavanaugh, Judge Kethletdge has largely flown under the radar.  Here is a great piece by RNLA Board of Governors Member Chuck Cooper on Kethledge

2.   Another potential nominee not receiving as much attention is Judge Thapar.  For his appellate nomination, RNLA endorsed Amul Thapar and worked on his judicial confirmation.

1.  The "judge whisperer" Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society summed up President Trump's Supreme Court shortlist well: "The list is really good," Leo said, adding, "You can throw a dart at that list and in my view you would be fine."

The RNLA is very excited to support the nominee in the mold of former RNLA Member Justice Neil Gorusch.  Stay tuned for more information here and buckle your seat belt for Monday.