Top 10 Republican Lawyer Posts for 2016

Here are the top 10 posts for 2016 from The Republican Lawyer blog.  These posts show how the left is trying to destroy the First Amendment and how out of control the Obama Administration was on matters of speech.  Furthermore, they prove once again how Donald Trump’s victory was also a victory for the Constitution.  

10. "Judge Sanctions DOJ Attorneys for Putting Politics Ahead of Truth, Ethics, and Justice."  We will be happily working to confirm Senator Sessions as Attorney General to fight the ethical abuses and politicization of the Department of Justice under President Obama. 

9. "Brennan Center: The Only Democrats in New York who Don't See Vote Fraud." Any honest Democrat in New York would admit to you that vote fraud is real and that voter ID is needed; just most know that partisan groups like the Brennan Center will attack them for saying it.

8. "Democrats Keeping the Zombie Vote Alive."  Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams stated:  "It is impossible to vote from the grave legally” but apparently Democrats do it anyway. 

7. "Former SEC Commissioners Reject Political-Disclosure Rulemaking."  Obama Administration efforts to force mandatory disclosure of corporate spending on political and other advocacy activities should be viewed as primarily political rather than economic and, as such, would not serve to help shareholders evaluate corporate performance or promote shareholder value

6. "FEC Democrats Vote to Censor Books, Documentary Films."  FEC Democrats voted to assert regulatory power over books and films.  That means they believe the FEC has the power to censor certain books and documentary films.

5. "Congress Shall Make No Law: Protecting the First Amendment from Attack."  Preventing attacks on the First Amendment can only be done through fighting back against speech suppressive activity.

4. "RNLA Explains What Open, Fair and Honest Elections Mean."  By “open,” we mean a process in which all sides can have “observers” and the process is determined by legislatures well in advance.  By “fair,” we mean election officials should be from both parties and they should administer the election process in an orderly, unbiased fashion.  By “honest,” we mean free from fraud.

3. "Reactions to Donald Trump's Potential Supreme Court Justice List." One of the most popular issues for Donald Trump was his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. 

2. "Leader McConnell Won the Fight on the Scalia Vacancy."  Thank you, Sen. McConnell, for your leadership on judicial nominations and fighting to protect the judiciary from judges who will legislate from the bench and not respect the rule of law and the role of the courts.

1. "A Great Justice, Ignored Because of his Race."  The left excludes Justice Clarence Thomas from the National Museum of African American History and Culture despite his remarkable and impactful 25 years on the court.