Two Votes for Illegal Aliens to One for US Residents in Maryland

There should not be disenfranchisement of legal voters through fraud or chaos.  Some cities in Maryland are allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote and now want to allow legal AND illegal aliens to vote.  Not only does this effectively disenfranchise the votes of legal US residents but as a result 16/17-year-old illegal aliens may get two votes:

A year ago, the city lowered the voting age to 16, which allowed 15-year-olds to pre-register. The election board said introducing this legislation could essentially result in some people being registered twice, which would give them two votes.

Another problem is keeping multiple voting rolls for municipal elections and another for state and federal elections.  This guarantees a mess that will lead to long lines, potential fraud, and quite frankly a mess. 

Of course, another bigger issue is when you vote in an election you should have some connection to the locality, state, or country.  It is incredible that it is even debatable that legal and illegal aliens are given the privilege of voting.  With Maryland recently electing a Republican Governor, the real reason for this may be the fact that non-resident "voters" (including illegal aliens) vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  This set of fraudulent voters led to the passage of Obamacare according to a study by two Professors. 

Even the liberal city council members recognize a potential problem.  Illegal aliens may be in the US for a short period or likely have loyalty to their home country, as one liberal councilman noted:

Councilmember Tom Wright (Ward 3) said he was on the fence about non-citizen voting because of feedback from citizens. “I also understand the concern of those residents … concerned about allowing people who may be just transient effectively [to] create legislation,” he said.

Instead of working on turning out legal voters, Democrats and liberals often work on turning out illegal “voters” -- in this case by trying to legalize illegal aliens for voting purposes.