Texas AG: Nearly 100,000 Non-Citizens on Texas Voter Rolls, More than Half Illegally Voted

After an 11-month investigation, the Texas Attorney General's office announced they had found nearly 100,000 non-citizens erroneously listed in state voter rolls. More shockingly, more than half of those non-citizens have reportedly voted illegally at least once in an election since registering. Fox News reports:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Friday that the state has discovered 95,000 non-citizens on the voter rolls going back to 1996, 58,000 of whom have voted in at least one Texas election--an announcement likely to raise fresh concerns about the prospect of voter fraud.

Texas has some of the toughest voter ID laws in the nation and has been one of the main battlegrounds in the Republican-led fight against alleged voter fraud. The office, in a statement, said that 33 people were prosecuted for voter fraud last year, and 97 were prosecuted between 2005-17. There are 16 million people in Texas registered to vote...

Attorney General Paxton added: "Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice." Also, Texas Governor Abbott lauded the work of the Texas AG and stated: "I support prosecution where appropriate. The State will work on legislation to safeguard against these illegal practices." 

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