Vote Fraud Consequences, Those Elected by it Should Resign

The argument that vote fraud does not matter is no longer credible as, most famously, vote fraud allowed Obamacare to pass.  The most recent example is in Alabama

A Houston County woman was found guilty Wednesday of 24 counts of voter fraud for promoting illegal absentee voting, according to the Dothan Eagle.

Olivia Reynolds, 66, was convicted after the jury deliberated for a mere hour.

Reynolds was arrested in May 2014 after an investigation into a 2013 county election she worked revealed evidence of voter fraud.

In the August election, Commissioner Amos Newsome, for whom Reynolds worked, beat challenger Lamesa Danzey by 14 votes. Newsome received 119 of the 124 absentee votes that were cast, but Danzey received more votes than Newsome at the polls, prompting the closer look.

The effect of vote fraud is real, as Mr. Newsome’s fellow commissioners have called on him to resign for the integrity and legitimacy of the process. 

 “It’s obvious to me now, whether Newsome knew or not, that a substantial number of absentee ballots that were counted in his favor are in fact, invalid. As a result, Commissioner Newsome has to go,” Ferguson said Friday.

“I think it would be the right thing to do, not only for the voters and the citizens, but also for those who have already been convicted,” Kenward said. “I think it would be the best course of action for everybody.”

“Three words – integrity, integrity, integrity,” Dorsey said. “I ran a clean race and there were rules and, you know, I had to abide by them. We have to have integrity on the commission as a whole to serve the people.”

“I am concerned about the sanctity of the election process. If there were illegal votes cast, then Mr. Newsome should consider stepping aside,” Baxley said.

Vote fraud matters as the commissioners of Dothan are saying.