Vote Fraud Deniers Attack the “Police” to Protect Democrats

James O’Keefe has a new video that once again shows the attitude on the left toward vote fraud, this time on non-citizen voting.  O’Keefe has been attacked for his methods and his results are ignored by the left wing media; but the videos speak for themselves.  That is the pattern from the far left vote fraud deniers.  Ignore or attack the people who expose the vote fraud instead of address the underlying problem exposed.

It is not just new media experts that the left will attack like O’Keefe;  they will go after academics such as “Political Scientists” Jesse Richman and David Earnest (note the left will not even call them professors) who in a recent research study proclaimed they were “confident” that non-citizen voting fraudulently won the 2008 Senate Race in Minnesota for Democrats which allowed Obamacare to pass.   (The attacks have pointed out some potential inaccuracies in the underlying data but have not discredited the study’s conclusions.)   Ironically the study probably understates the non-citizen voting problem because it goes to reason that most non-citizens would not want to admit to voting illegally. 


Of course this is nothing compared to what happens if law enforcement agencies dare to investigate vote fraud.  Last year in New York, the Department of Investigation found it very easy to vote in the name of the dead, moved, and felons.  They turned over the results of their investigation to the New York Board of Election.  The Board of Election ignored the substance of the report and asked the District Attorney to prosecute the Department of Investigation investigators!


The fact of the matter is the vote fraud deniers will never admit to the existence of vote fraud and substantively debate the topic.  They will instead attack those who dare to shine light on the topic.