Vote Fraud is Both Real and Impactul

Last year for the umpteenth time, vote fraud was proven, in the Washington Post of all places, to be decisive in the passage of Obamacare by providing the crucial vote through the fraudulent election of Al Franken.  It is no longer possible to credibly argue that vote fraud is irrelevant as the far left tries to do. 

The left’s other argument that is echoed in liberal media is vote fraud is rare is also becoming more difficult to argue.  In an article last Friday, Hans Von Spakovsky lists some recent vote fraud cases that prove that vote fraud is not rare.  


RNLA keeps a modest list of vote fraud cases here and another list is here.  The reality of this is both lists are just scratching the surface. 


Vote fraud is extremely difficult to prosecute as the left has historically attacked the investigators for even attempting to investigate vote fraud.  An example being the New York City Board of Election taking a report uncovering vote fraud and asking the District Attorney to prosecute the police. 


Vote fraud is both real and impactful.  Fighting against it is important.