Vote Fraud is Not a Crime, But Police Uncovering It is

When a Milwaukee Police Task Force on the 2004 Election released the most comprehensive and non-partisan study of vote fraud, the left attacked . . .  the studies release!  They also attacked the police for recommending an end to same day registration as the best way to stop vote fraud or failing that, real photo ID.  The left again did not attack the substance of the police recommendations or factual findings but instead said it was wrong for the police to make policy recommendations or release a report.

And it is happening again. 


Election officials in New York have taken attacking police for exposing vote fraud to a whole new level.  As background remember, undercover police had no problem voting for dead, moved or felons in a recent undercover sting in the latest of a litany of vote fraud problems in New York. 


In response the New York City Board of Elections(BOE):


In fact, the Board thinks investigators who were allowed to cast ballots even though they posed as deceased people and felons should themselves be investigated.


The BOE voted to ask the city’s district attorneys to examine whether the Department of Investigation violated laws in its exhaustive inquiry.


 “We (are) unaware of any color of authority on the part of (DOI) to vote in the identity of any person other than themselves — and our reading of the election law is that such an act constitutes a felony.”


“We believe there is cause to be concerned that the integrity of the ballot has been compromised,” [New Board of Elections Chair] Soumas said.



Yep, to the New York City Board of Elections, vote fraud is not a crime but exposing it is.