Vote Fraud: Parent and Child Edition

The Chronicle Tribune of Ohio has been following an election recently decided by one Provisional Ballot for a Democrat primary in Lorain County.  The case has uncovered a few interesting tidbits of the Voter Fraud mind.  There is this one (emphasis ours):

Bail bondsman Tony Horn admitted on the stand Thursday that he didn’t live at 924 W. Seventh Court, which he listed as his current address when he cast a provisional ballot in the May Democratic primary.

But he said that he used to live there and continued to receive mail at that address, which he believed met the criteria for a current address
. . . .

Flores and his attorney, Gerald Phillips, contend that Tony Horn rigged the election in favor of his son. They have argued throughout the trial before Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski that numerous voters cast ballots using addresses where they didn’t live.

Phillips said after the hearing that Horn effectively admitted to breaking the law by signing provisional ballot paperwork claiming he lived where he didn’t.

Tony Horn was a Dad allegedly trying to steal an election for his son.  Keep in mind that Tony’s illegal vote was part of an alleged effort to organize more illegal votes.  

Another illegal vote involving parents and children happened with a  daughter visiting her mother

Ashley Marie Robinson told election officials that she lived at 2008 Oakdale Ave. in Lorain when she cast a provisional ballot in the May Democratic primary, but her mother testified Friday that wasn’t the case.

 “She comes and goes, but she hasn’t lived there,” Evelyn Vasquez told Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski.


Regardless of what happens in this case, this shows the potential importance of voter ID.  Voter ID with an address would eliminate the problems of where does a person intend to reside by taking out the guesswork of reading the intentions, honest or dishonest, of the voter.