Vote Fraud Proven and Still No Convictions

One of the many arguments of the opponents of election integrity measures is that there are very few convictions for vote fraud.  That argument is wrong on so many levels.  Many because vote fraud convictions are hard to obtain.  Take just one county, Palm Beach, in the purple state of Florida:

Detectives with the State Attorney’s Office found clear-cut evidence of voter fraud in last year’s August election, with nearly two dozen people’s signatures forged on requests for absentee ballots.  

But prosecutors are dropping the case.  

Why? They can’t find a suspect.

In an earlier story the Palm Beach Post discussed some of the tactics:

In other cases, residents said candidates watched over their shoulders, telling them who to vote for. Voters said they received mail-in ballots but didn’t know why. One woman said she felt pressured by a persistent candidate who talked his way into her home and dug out her ballot from a stack of discarded mail.

As the Post detailed absentee ballots or mail in ballots are subject to fraud and manipulation:

What could go wrong

No guarantee you can vote secretly — No protection from politicking, either.

Little security — No picture ID to request a ballot by mail, easier for others to vote on your behalf.

It’s out of your hands — Candidates and campaign workers routinely deliver ballots to the elections office.

The Post noted this is the third such vote fraud case in the last two years, but no prosecutions.  Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher, explains how it works:

She suspected they were getting voters’ absentee ballots or forms requesting the ballots by offering money or gift cards or were simply forging voters’ signatures. 

Bucher believed about 2,000 absentee ballots or request forms were possibly fraudulent, and her concerns quickly got the attention of Aronberg and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, according to the memo.

So to conclude, Democrat election officials believe there is a vote fraud scheme going on in Florida, a police investigation concludes vote fraud occurred (for the third time in 2 years), and no one is being prosecuted.  Vote Fraud convictions are not a relevant standard for the existence of vote fraud.