Vote Fraud Techniques Being Applied to IRS and Other Voting Scandals

For a longtime the far left has fought against any real effort to perform list maintenance or update voter rolls.  They have fought for voting systems such as “Same Day Registration.”  This helps to ensure chaos and problems at the polls. 

The reason for this, in part, is that it also makes prosecution of vote fraud more difficult.  Without accurate records, prosecutors cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt where the incompetence ends and the fraud begins.  Add to this, the left screams partisanship if vote fraud is mentioned or even asks for vote fraud investigators to be prosecuted.


Then of course, the left defines vote fraud as only existing if there is a successful prosecution.    


The far left is now using this same playbook in other voting related scandals.  Professor Rick Hasen wrote on the IRS Scandal a few weeks back:

When it comes to IRS mess, think Hanlon's razor: don't attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.

What Hasen does not understand, or chooses to ignore, is incompetence does not preclude crime.  In the possibly related scandal of the FEC lawyer who campaigned for Obama who had her, wink-wink, hard drive destroyed by incompetence just as in the IRS scandal:

The FEC [Office of Inspector General] sought to pursue criminal charges stemming from Ms. Sands’s solicitation of political contributions while on duty inside the FEC building. However, the FEC recycled Ms. Sands’s hard drive before the OIG was able to seize it, and therefore the OIG was unable to show that Ms. Sands’s solicitations and political activity were done from an FEC computer. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia thereafter declined criminal prosecution. 

Sands admitted to the crime and still can’t be prosecuted. 

Sands worked for the current center of the IRS Scandal Lois Lerner when Lerner was at the FEC and, while so far there is no evidence they directly communicated, there is evidence that will likely cause more “incompetence”:

It is unclear whether Ms. Sands ever communicated with Ms. Lerner after Ms. Lerner moved to the IRS; however, the Committee is aware that Ms. Lerner maintained communication with some former FEC colleagues. Ms. Lerner even apparently shared information protected by section 6103 of the tax code with the FEC.


It is an unethical scheme that should be illegal.  Commit a crime, destroy the evidence, attempt to block investigations with allegations of partisanship; and then say nothing happen beyond incompetence because prosecutors decline to go for a criminal conviction.  It is the playbook the left has used for years on vote fraud, and now it is being used in the related efforts in the IRS scandal and FEC investigations.


Does anyone on the left care about the truth?