Voter ID, Once Passed Into Law, is a Non-Issue

We have reported on this blog numerous times that presenting voter ID is not a burden, and voter ID does not create problems for election administration.  Last Tuesday was another example.  Despite having one of the most contested primaries in the country in their Senate primary, Mississippi had no problems with Voter ID

Mississippi’s new voter ID law caused few problems in the first election since its controversial passage, with only one report of a voter turned away for lack of identification.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Berger said. “We trained on it that nobody is ever told they can’t vote, period. As soon as we heard that had happened, we sent an election commissioner down there to solve the problem.”

But don’t take the word of election officials, what did the public think?

Voters expressed little, if any, inconvenience at the polls due to the new law.

If there was any doubt that this is purely a political issue for the Eric Holder led Justice Department, Mississippi should help erase any doubt.  Despite fighting against Voter ID tooth and nail, once it became law in Mississippi the Justice Department couldn't care less.


The Justice Department didn't send any monitors or observers to Mississippi for Tuesday’s primary.


The reason is obvious.  As Mississippi shows Voter ID is not a burden and does not disenfranchise people.  Even the Holder led Justice Department knows it as they did not even bother to send observers or monitors.