Voter ID: Protecting the Integrity of Our Elections

Hans Von Spakovsky has a new article on the merits of Voter ID.  In the article Hans lists five examples of voter fraud.  We think Hans is just scratching the surface.  There have been five examples of major types of vote fraud in New York State alone in the last few years. 

Why is it reported more in New York?  Because it is a very blue state.  In New York, Democrats do not have to fear exposing vote fraud helping non-Democrats win.  Democrats are exposing fellow Democrats.  As when Rhode Island passed Voter ID, the problems came to light because good government Democrats were sick of elections being stolen by corrupt fellow Democrats. 


During the New York City primary election last year it was poll watchers for a rival Democrat candidate that uncovered the scheme of Hasidic children going from poll to poll impersonating voters.  In Mount Vernon New York it was a rival liberal group that exposed the busses bringing out-of-area voters into the jurisdiction to sway a school board election. 


Hans also touches on the attacks on those who favor Voter ID, most recently by Vice President Biden on voter ID as bigotry or some form of hatred.


In a recent speech, Vice President Joe Biden denounced voter ID laws for their “hatred.” Are government offices (including the Department of Justice in Washington), banks, bars, airlines, and drug stores racist and hate-filled for refusing entry or service to those without a photo ID? Potential employers won’t hire someone who cannot prove their identity; in fact, that is a requirement of federal law. Banks will not deposit a check without first seeing some form of valid ID. A photo ID is even required in order to receive many public benefits, such as health insurance.


Voter ID is just another common sense requirement in a world where photo identification is required for nearly everything.


Common sense does not matter to those who defend vote fraud.  Who can forget that the liberal Democrat New York City Board of elections asked prosecutors to charge police for uncovering how easy it was to impersonate voters in New York City. 


That is a reason that vote fraud is not reported more often.  At BEST if you uncover vote fraud, you will be called racist or a hater.  At worst, the far left may ask for you to be prosecuted, even if you are a policeman doing your job. 



Voter ID is needed as Hans says to be “one of the measures, albeit an important one, that should be taken by election officials to secure the integrity of the election process.”