VP Harris — Another Filibuster Flip-Flopper

This past weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris doubled down on her position as one of the biggest flip-floppers in the Democrat Party on keeping the filibuster when she told attendees at the Democrat National Committee's summer meeting that abolishing the filibuster would be a priority if Democrats retain control of the Senate after November's midterm elections. In 2017, then-Senator Harris signed a bipartisan letter arguing that the filibuster must stay in place "to preserve the ability of Members to engage in extended debate when bills are on the Senate floor." 

During her speech on Saturday, Vice President Harris said:

"With just two more seats in the Senate, we can codify Roe v. Wade, we can put the protections of Roe in law," Harris said. "With two more seats in the United States Senate we can pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Two more seats."

"You know, our President Joe Biden, he's been clear. He's kinda done with those archaic Senate rules that are standing in the way of those two issues," Harris said of the Senate filibuster – . "He's made that clear and has said that he will not allow that to obstruct those two issues. And, you know, for me, as vice president, I'm also president of the Senate.… I cannot wait to cast the deciding vote to break the filibuster on voting rights and reproductive rights. I cannot wait! Fifty-nine days."

In an interview on "Meet the Press" that aired later in the weekend, Vice President Harris was confronted directly about her prior support of the filibuster. Her answer said it all—she believes the filibuster is no longer necessary because Democrats are now in power. And much like President Biden in his divisive speech earlier this month, she demonizes anyone that has different viewpoints from her.

Based on her willingness to shift policy positions based on what is politically convenient, it would not be surprising if Vice President Harris changes her tune on keeping the filibuster if Republicans win the Senate majority in November.