VP Harris Pushes Misinformation About Republican State Election Laws

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris used a speaking engagement at the National Urban League Conference to push the Democrats' tired talking points about election laws in Republican states. Categorically, her statements were deliberately misleading at worst and misinformed at best.

First, Vice President Harris claimed leaders in Republican states are "intentionally" trying to suppress the vote with election reforms.

However, Lawyers Democracy Fund has specifically debunked claims of voter suppression laws in Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Vice President Harris added an outright lie that Republicans want to ban giving water and food to people in line to vote.

The reality is Republicans support laws banning "line warming"—a tactic where candidates attempt to bribe voters in line to vote for them with gifts like food.

Finally, the Vice President made the claim that world leaders are concerned with the state of democracy in America.

Again, false. In fact, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested claims like this are "grossly exaggerated."

The Vice President's speech covered a variety of other topics like the Supreme Court that were just as jumbled as her remarks on voting rights:

You’d need a translator to figure out exactly what was said, and even then, I’m not sure it’s discernable. It’s long been obvious that Harris, perhaps out of arrogance, doesn’t even bother to prepare for her public events, and it often leads to the repetition of words, as if she’s trying to fill time while having no idea what she actually wants to say. It’s a habit that would have been broken now if she were ever going to break it.

Despite the obvious, the media is unlikely to hold Vice President Harris accountable for her clearly inaccurate remarks on voting rights and other topics.