RNLA Webinar: Exposing the "Corrupt Politicians Act"

RNLA Members Weekly Webinar

 Exposing the "Corrupt Politicians Act"

Friday, May 14th at 11:30 AM ET

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This week, the Senate Rules Committee held a hearing on S.1, also known as the “Corrupt Politicians Act.” This legislation is an all-out attack by Democrats to federalize the U.S. election system and strip away every election integrity safeguard that states have put in place. 

Join us this Friday to learn why every Republican in the U.S. House and Senate is voting against this dangerous attempt by liberals to rig the process and how the RNLA is fighting alongside Republican leadership to protect our nation’s democracy.

Featured Speaker: Senator Roger Wicker (Mississippi),
Member of the Senate Rules Committee & an American attorney.
This webinar is for RNLA members and invited guests.

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(This webinar is off the record and closed to the press. By logging in to this webinar, you agree not to audio record the speakers at any time and not to share any portion of their remarks on social media or by any other mechanism. The RNLA seeks to promote open, fair and honest elections at all levels of American society in a non-discriminatory manner and to provide access to the polls to all qualified and eligible voters. This event is not a fundraiser. RNLA provides opportunities for its members to meet and hear from Republican and conservative leaders.)

May 14, 2021 at 11:30am - 12pm