What's Going On in Our Airspace?

It's been nearly a month since the Chinese spy balloon incident began, and the American people still don't have an answer to what's going on in our airspace. As The Heritage Foundation's James Carafano explained, the situation was pretty cut and dry, but the Biden Administration bungled the entire response:

There are no two ways to parse this. A Chinese spy balloon traversing the entirety of the United States is blatantly illegal, a clear violation of American airspace, and a deliberate encroachment on American sovereignty. It is a perfect example of the kind of threat that post-9/11 homeland security measures were meant to prevent.

Biden floated a variety of explanations and excuses as to why the balloon was allowed to survey critical defense facilities from coast to coast—from “Blame Trump” to “Everything is under control,” to “I am really the hero here.” But the real reason for the Administration’s belated, muddled, and confused response is that Biden is trapped between his desire to want to normalize relations with China, and the American people who want him to get tough on China and protect us.

Biden has a long track record of failing to be honest about the China threat. The balloon fiasco is just the latest example of the White House putting its politics over our security.

There's just as much uncertainty surrounding subsequent objects that were shot down in the days following the spy balloon incident. The Antonin Scalia Law School's Jamil Jaffer discussed this "unprecedented action" last week:

Concerns about U.S. airspace are not limited to threats from China. Russian jets have been intercepted on two occasions as they were approaching U.S. airspace near Alaska in recent weeks.

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