While DOJ Declares TX a Vote Fraud Leader, Dem Leaders Fight Voter ID

Last fall, the left went into hyperbolic craziness about voter ID in Texas.  Then nothing happened and no evidence of suppression happened.  The reason for this is obvious, voter ID does not suppress votes.  But maybe the reason for the vehement fight against voter ID is not as obvious. 

Kenric Ward has an article for watchdog.org where he touches on some interesting facts:

Though the Obama administration has downplayed vote-fraud allegations, the FBI’s San Antonio office is taking those charges seriously in South Texas. . . .

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice reported that more public officials were convicted for corruption in South Texas than in any other region in the country.


While this corruption was ongoing, what were Democrat South Texas Leaders, such as Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, doing?


Hinojosa’s office did not respond to Watchdog’s request for comment, but the political boss has been outspoken in blasting Texas’ voter ID law.
“It’s comical that Chairman Hinojosa runs all over the state denouncing voter ID when the FBI is investigating voter fraud in his backyard,” Mechler said.

Hmm...is the reason Texas Democrats and their liberal allies fight so hard against voter ID in Texas is that they have been so successful at stealing votes?

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