Will McAuliffe’s Fourth Try at Vote Fraud for Virginia Succeed? (Part 1)

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is a former DNC Chair under President Bill Clinton.  As a former DNC Chair, he knows a thing or two about vote fraud and stealing elections for Democrats.  Last Friday, he took the unprecedented step of signing a possibly unconstitutional order (more on that in part II) allowing felons to vote in Virginia, including those convicted of murder, rape, and other violent crimes. 

This is just the latest effort by McAuliffe to win elections by means other than the voters.  To review:

1. Before he was even elected, McAuliffe’s legal team fought to keep ineligible voters on the rolls in heavily Democrat Fairfax County, Virginia:

Virginia officials counted 7,934 duplicate names on the Fairfax County voter rolls, and the Democratic lawsuit asks that every one of those be allowed to cast a ballot on Nov. 5. We suggest that Mr. McAuliffe court eligible Virginians, and leave be the Virginians who have moved on. Any dead ones, too. They don’t really have much interest now in what goes on in Richmond.


Not only did the courts reject this effort but also, just a few months later, President Obama’s Commission on Election Administration advocated for just this kind of list clean up. 

2. McAuliffe nominated a Democrat to the Republican slot for the Virginia Board of Elections:

Matthew Gray was nominated by the Governor despite having no experience that we know of in Election Administration.  He is currently working for the Humane Society.

. . .  Gary seemly “earned” his nomination by being a Democrat who once supported John McCain in 2008.  The later allowed the former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe with a straight face to nominate the Democrat primary voter Gray to the REPUBLICAN position on the Virginia Board of Elections.  (Virginia does not have party ID to vote and both parties generally identify their members by primary voting.)

This is just the latest example of the efforts of Democrats and the left to further politicize elections by appointing unqualified hacks to administer elections.

According to a story we will not link in the Washington Post, Gary withdrew his name under pressure from Republicans.   

3. Of course, this is not even the first time that Governor McAuliffe tried to “restore” felon rights.  In July of 2015 he tried to make felons eligible by omission of answering questions regarding eligibility to vote:

The board is considering allowing people registering to vote to skip several questions on the application, including those asking whether those registering are U.S. citizens or felons whose voting rights have not been restored. . . . Currently, registrars can reject would-be voters if they do not check boxes to indicate their citizenship and felon status.


The proposal was met Tuesday with nearly universal skepticism — from registrars and elections officials with practical concerns, and from politicians and ordinary Virginians with big-picture worries that play into the nation’s fiercest political debates.

Illegal immigration, voter fraud and the restoration of felons’ right to vote — even the usurpation of legislative power by an overbearing executive branch — all loomed large over an hour-long hearing to discuss a seemingly arcane administrative matter.

In other words, this order he signed is just the latest effort by Governor McAuliffe to steal the election for his close friend Hillary Clinton.  We can only hope for the integrity of the election that this effort fails as well.