Will the Ebola Czar Abuse the Military Again?

Ron Klain is being criticized in some quarters for his lack of health care background for his being named Obama’s Ebola Czar.  For those with memories of the 2000 election cycle, there may be concerns about how he will treat the military. 

You see, Ron Klain was the General Counsel of the 2000 Gore Campaign Recount Committee where he led an unprecedented effort to disenfranchise military voters.  The position was so extreme even the Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Liebermann refused to back the position.  As chronicled in the 2001 book “At Any Cost” on the efforts of lawyers led by Klain:


And yet, incredibly, they continued to file hypertechnical objections to hundreds of ballots, refusing to withdraw them even in the face of overwhelming public opposition.  Gore officials vainly tried to distance themselves from these continued objections, but it was now clear that the Vice President’s own lawyers were explicitly directing the anti-military effort.


Klain was trying to win the presidency for Gore by disenfranchising our military!  Klain’s disdain for the military is relevant in his current role since our troops are literally in the front line in the fight against Ebola in Liberia. 



Whether Klain will properly respect and treat the military in his role as Ebola Czar is a legitimate question.  If his history in disenfranchising our troops is any indicator, we have reason to be worried.