Would Loretta Lynch be an Extension of Eric Holder’s Tenure as AG?

Eric Holder has used his tenure as U.S. Attorney General to racially and politically divide our country. When the news of his resignation broke, one might have thought that since Eric Holder’s tenure required this administration to deal with one embarrassing mistake after the next, Obama would have selected someone more suited, and maybe even more versed in constitutional law, to lead our country’s Department of Justice (DOJ).

President Obama selected Loretta Lynch, a little-known U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. With each passing day, we learn more about Ms. Lynch and how her appointment to Attorney General might not be the solution our country needs to restore public confidence inthe DOJ.


Ms. Lynch has made it clear that she would continue the attempts to dismantle election integrity laws that this administration has started. At a speech in Long Beach, NY, Ms. Lynch opined:

Fifty years since the civil rights struggle we stand at a time when we see people trying to take back what Martin Luther King Jr. fought for. People try and take over the State House and reverse the gains made in voting in this country.

It’s not just voter ID laws that Ms. Lynch believes to be “racist,” either. She believes school discipline policies might be racist, stating,

The dream is still continuing not only in the courts but in our schools. And we all know, education is the key. And we understand that discipline is important. We understand that rules are important but we also know that when we sit and look at schools that have the zero tolerance programs, they are often used, and they take our babies, minority children, black children, Hispanic children, and they put them out of school before they have a chance to learn.

And so the Department of Justice, this past year, has gone into the South, although we’re looking further, and brought the first prison, school-to-prison pipeline cases against school districts in Alabama.

Ms. Lynch rounds out her ideas that certain policies are “racist” in being opposed to the death penalty: "Because you can be as fair as possible in a particular case, but the reality is that the federal death penalty is going to hit harder on certain groups."


It appears it isn’t just Eric Holder who views many longstanding reasonable and non-discriminatory policies as “racist,” but Loretta Lynch as well. We do not need an extension of Eric Holder’s divisive tenure as Attorney General.