Yes, Democrats Have Tried To Rig Elections

Trump’s recent comments to the media surrounding his concerns of a rigged election have thrown the liberal media into a tizzy. For a variety of reasons, most Americans are not buying the narrative that our elections are safe. With good reason: publicly supported, common-sense electoral reforms are being attacked across the country.  The majority of Americans support voter ID as a means to protect the ballot box from fraud. 

Trump hit a nerve for a lot of Americans. Americans want fair and consistent elections. RNLA Executive Director, Michael Thielen, wrote an op-ed to address just one of several glaring issues that SHOULD prompt these concerns in every single American voter when it comes to election rigging.


The undisputed background is important. All agree that Governor McAuliffe is a close friend and staunch ally of Democrat Presidential Candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton. He was a DNC Chair under Bill Clinton. He is term limited as Virginia Governor to just one term. While Democrats would undoubtedly put this differently, there is merit to the statement of Virginia General Assembly Leader Bill Howell that “[t]he singular purpose of Terry McAuliffe’s governorship is to elect Hillary Clinton president of the United States. This office has always been a steppingstone to a job in Hillary Clinton’s Cabinet.”


No one disputes that felons overwhelmingly vote Democrat and that Virginia is a purple state where elections will likely be decided by a thin margin in 2016. The beneficiary of McAuliffe’s order is Hillary Clinton.


Further, even the staunch advocates of felon voting should have been, and were, given pause by the scope of Governor McAuliffe’s order. These advocates state that “once a person has paid their debt to society, their rights should be restored.”McAuliffe’s order included murderers, gang members still in prison,and others, such as sex offenders, still under involuntary supervision. McAuliffe’s order had the goal of getting the maximum number of voters available for Hillary, not the goal of felon rights advocates to “restore the rights of those who have paid their debt to society.”

When looking to address a problem, business owners know that one must look at the totality of the circumstances, learn from the past, and foresee future issues before they occur if they have any hope of being successful. This is a skill set that our current Commander-in-Chief has struggled to grasp. Trump is ahead of the curve and quite frankly he should be, given his extensive business experience. He sees the glaring truth that the liberal left refuses to acknowledge. 

Fraud is a reality in our elections and it needs to be fixed while Americans still have faith in the process. The Sanders email scandal illustrated this point perfectly and lends credence to Trump’s concerns. Hillary and the DNC dealt a vicious blow to public perception of election integrity. What would lead any reasonable person to believe that the general election would be any different? Hillary immediately turned around and hired the DNC Chair that was forced to resign. Add to that shady tarmac meetings, FBI investigations, email leaks, and one of the worst public trust ratings ever attributed to a candidate, and future issues are glaringly likely. As a good friend in the business world once told me, past performance predicts future behavior.